Thursday, June 13, 2013

Minnie Mouse Plates

It's impossible to find red Minnie Mouse party supplies. I had to get creative with my plates because plain black ones would be lame at an awesome birthday :)

First gather your supplies needed. I had my big black plates, scotch tape, double sided tape, black paper and a circle to trace on the black paper to make your ears - I used a baby bowl, and red napkins (not pictured below).

Once the circles for the ears on your Minnie Mouse head plate are traced and cut out flip your black plate over. Tape the ears on the back of the plate.

Flip the plate back over to the correct eating side up. Take your napkin and fold it in half. Then pinch down the middle of the napkin and tape around the middle to hold into a bow shape.

Take a piece of double sided tape and apply to the plate between your taped on ears and place the napkin bow on top to make the Minnie Mouse head (the ears are really floppy at this point in time).

Roll a piece of scotch tape or take more double sided tape and place a piece on the back corner of your napkin bow on each side and stick to the ears (this will hold your ears in place).

Now you have your cute red Minnie Mouse plate to give the party a little something extra :)

- Laurel Wadsworth -

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