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We are the RMG's!!! We are a group of girls who met while each of us waited for an LDS missionary. While they were gone we became sort of like pen pals and have supported each other through good and bad times. Some of us have never met in real life but these ladies are like sisters to me :)

Cenzy. 22. Oregon Culinary Institute Alumni. Studied Baking and Pastry.

Loves...Food, Warm weather, Sleeping, Jacuzzis, Movies, Zumba, Taking Pictures, Reading, Dancing, Singing, Clean Sheets, Quoting Movies, Musicals, Animals, Batman, Babies, The Beach, Swimming, Family, CATSSSSSS, Baking and Cooking. I married my RM Brandon about six months after he returned home from his mission.

Laurel. 23. Born in Canada. Lives in Utah. Mom to Two. Receptionist.

Loves...Spending time with Husband, Daughter and Son. Movies/TV Shows. Music (all genres). Anything Disney. Babies. Vacations. Organizing. Chinese, Italian and Mexican Food. Cooking. Blogging. Creating Beautiful Things. Taking Pictures. Walks. Clean House Feel. Long Drives. Talking and Laughing.

I met my man in 2006, became official Christmas Day. We got engaged in May of 2008, then I waited for him while he served his mission. We were married September 25, 2010 exactly one month one day after he returned home. If you would like to read more about the Wadsworth Family Adventures follow the link :)

Stephanie Ann. 23. Born in Ipswich, Suffolk, England. Currently lives in Utah. Brigham Young University-Idaho Alumni. Studied Theatre and English Education. Teacher and future professional performer.

Loves...Singing, Acting, Dancing, Traveling, Cooking (I'm a vegetarian and wheat, dairy and soy free), Sleeping, Reading, Writing, Shopping for Vintage Clothes, Musical Theatre, Costa Vida, Bollywood and Foreign Films, Historical Films, Disney Princesses, Anything to do with the 1940's, Babies, Harry Potter, England, British Television (Let's face it, it's much more interesting than American T.V.), Theatre Costume Design, Singing in the Rain and Long Drives with my Music Cranked up and Me at the Wheel!

I waited for a missionary, and even though things didn't work out between us, I cherish the time we spent writing each other and I know now that we were writing for a reason. I don't regret a single minute of it. I'm 10 school days away from finishing my student teaching and then I'm off to find new adventures in Provo, Utah. Here's to finding yourself and new adventures! Cheers!

Nichola. 21. Born in St Helens, England UK. Currently Living in Wrexham North Wales. Stay at Home Mum - Expecting Baby #2 in June.

Isn't very talented at anything but loves Singing, Dancing and Photography.
Met my RM Husband in August 2007 and started dating October 2007. I waited the two years while he was on his mission between April 09 & April 2011. We got married August 2011 and had our first child (a little girl) in May 2012. Moved to North Wales in October 2012 to better provide for our little family and hoping one day to move back home!
We are currently expecting baby #2 in June 2013.

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