Thursday, June 13, 2013

Minnie Mouse Cupcakes

One of the main highlights of a birthday is your cake. I wanted Andie's 1st birthday cake to be amazing, plus I wanted to make it myself instead of getting a store bought and spending loads of money. I searched Pinterest high and low and eventually came past this picture.

How cute are these little cupcakes complete with Oreo ears and fruit by the foot bow. These would be so easy to make as long as I could figure out how to tie a bow out of fruit by the foot. I couldn't find a tutorial with it so I played around with a few fruit by the foots and finally mastered how to make these cute little bows (these are all my testers).

Finding red fruit by the foot was difficult, everything is rainbow and colorful these days. At Winco is where I finally find an all red box. With each fruit by the foot you could make about 6 bows but plan for extra for errors.

Cut a long strip and a short strip of the fruit by the foot. With the short piece of fruit by the foot cut it in half the long way.

Wrap the long strip of fruit by the foot and smash the edges together to connect in a loop.

Pinch the middle of the loop and squish together to make into a bow shape.

Take the smaller piece and wrap around the squished middle part of the bow.

Now you have your beautiful cute little bow to add on each cupcake :)

- Laurel Wadsworth -

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