Wednesday, May 29, 2013

practicing wifely skills - how to de-junk!

So, quick moment to catch you up on me, I married my best friend for time and all eternity the weeks ago today...
So this means I'm now a wife... and I feel a constant need to act like a 1950's wife, it is actually oddly satisfying!  For example, I cleaned his room today!  And that was a HUGE task!  Yeah, you're probably thinking "you don't share a room?"  We do, but due to certain circumstances beyond our control, we are stuck living in his parent's basement until the tile is done where we are supposed to be living.  Now, some family friends will be coming to stay for a few days in June, and his room is needed to house one of said people, but his room was AWFUL!  We couldn't possibly let anyone stay in there

Do you see how bad it was?  You could barely get to the bed, and getting into the closet was impossible.  So, since I had the day off, I decided to clean it up, cause I know his mother will be mad if she has to do it.  And now it looks like this:

Woohoo!  Maybe I am weird for being so proud of myself, but it took a lot of lifting and re-arranging, and don't even get me started on making that loft bed.  Loft beds are fun to sleep in, but they are awful to make up.  Ah well, it's done now and I don't have to do it ever again.  Also, I did lots of laundry and made our bed look all pretty :

So, moral of the story, don't be a pack rat like my husband and hold on to tons of useless stuff, cause you never know who will have to clean it up.  So, to help you de-junk, I will teach you the fool-proof method!

First, you need several boxes.  Label them; "need to keep," "garbage," "donate," and "emotional attachment."  If the space you are clearing stores seasonal items like Christmas decorations, having a specified box for seasonal items would be a good idea.

So then you open up this drawer, closet, nook, whatever it is that needs to be taken care of and start sorting!  If it is an item the you use often, then put it in the "need to keep" box.  If it is trash, put it in the garbage one.  If it is the watch you have had since you were three years old that does not work but you just have to keep it because it is so special to you, put it in the "emotional attachment" box.  And then if there is anything that you are willing to part with, that is still usable, put it in the "donate" box.

Now is the easy part.  Take the "need to keep" box, and put everything back in the drawer or closet in an orderly fashion, put the "garbage" box in the garbage, take the "donate" box to D.I. (really, do it then or it will sit around cluttering up your space for ever!), and then get some tape.  Seal up the "emotional attachment" box, put it on the top shelf of your closet, and five months later, throw it out!  Do NOT open it up and look in it, just throw it out.  If you didn't grab anything in there in five months, you can definitely live without it.

There is my tip for you!  Happy de-junking!  It really makes home a better place!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Circle Skirt

I love crafts. I love creating new things and being proud of what you have accomplished. I have decided to work on my sewing with my daughters birthday coming up. We are doing a Minnie Mouse theme so I got on Pinterest and was exploring the many decoration ideas/outfits. I decided with our trip to Disneyland and her love of Minnie, I wanted to make an outfit for my daughter to wear for both occasions. 

I started with the circle skirt pattern found on : The Dana Made It Site

I followed this diagram and took waist and height measurements. 

Once measurements were figured out and the math complete (it took me a bit, I am not good at math). The next step was to draw on white paper. I skipped this step and drew with pencil straight onto the fabric. It worked good for me and saved me an extra step at this point.

I don't have a fancy sewing machine and I didn't want my elastic to show like in this tutorial. I went free style from this point on. I used a lot of pins and folded down about 1 inch around the top of the skirt with the material inside out. Once the material was pinned down I sewed but kept an opening to add elastic in to the folded part of the material around the skirt. (I am not good at describing what I did. I should of taken more pictures).

Once I got to the point I could thread the elastic through. I measured my daughters waist once again to make sure on the size I would want the skirt. I didn't have any safety pins so I used a paper clip to help thread the elastic through the skirt. (Make sure you put paper clips/safety pin on the other end of the elastic so it does not fall through into the skirt).

Once both sides of the elastic were hanging out of the skirt I sewed the elastic together. Then sliding the material over the elastic so it was not showing at all I sewed the remaining inch of material I left space to add the elastic in. The top of the skirt is now complete (Before you sew the elastic together if you would like try on the skirt to see if the fit is comfortable tightness).

I measured the length I would want the skirt to be on my daughter. I aimed for knee length (I will be adding her Halloween tutu underneath the skirt to add more volume). I then used more needles once again and folded up the bottom about half an inch all along the bottom of the skirt and sewed to make a nice finished bottom. 

The skirt is now complete. I hope you understood some of what I did with my not so useful explaining and no good pictures. I am excited for my daughter to wear her new skirt for her birthday and then once again in Disneyland this next week :)

- Laurel Wadsworth -

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Beautiful Poem

Since it is Sunday I thought I would share my favorite poem  :) I share this on every blog I've written and this one is no exception

The Cable
Jerry D. White

There is a pit, both deep and wide
With ledges carved along its sides.
And many ropes are thrown therein
And many souls there grope in sin 
Because their sins they hide.

Deep I fell into the pit
Upon my ledge did many sit
And from above, a cable hung
Of rusty wire and barbs that stung
The hands and feet of those that climbed
With humble hearts and faith sublime
Toward the sky bright lit.

Not far above but out of reach 
The rope was smooth and soft
By holding tightly the humble ones 
Were carefully pulled aloft.
Then down again was thrown the rope
Each time I watched and prayed and hoped
Somehow it might be long enough
To grasp the smooth and skip the rough
Each time it stopped just as before 
And there I sat upon the floor
Beside the ragged rope

Long I sat upon the shelf
And found no strength within myself
Yet by my side the jagged line
Whispered to my tortured mind
"Your problem is that you desire
the praise of men, and you're a liar.
For by deceit has it been gained
And you are not the man you claim."
I grew to hate the wire.

I tried to hide, but found no rest
"Confess, confess, confess, confess!"
The rope called loud and long and clear
The words fell hard upon my ear
For though it hurt my pride I knew
That all the words it spoke were true
And yet I did resist.

And then, when I could bear no more 
On hands and knees across the floor.
To the line I crawled and knelt 
And deep within my soul I felt
That I must now escape or die.
I could not bear to live the lie.
I grasped the cable sore.

From many cuts my blood did flow
And I was tempted to let go
But far above, a voice I heard-
A gentle sound a loving word
"Fear not, the cable's strong enough
The smooth comes soon, but first the rough.
That you must bear, for long ago 
A law decreed it must be so."
With all my strength I held on tight
And pulled myself toward the light.

Soon the rope became quite smooth
My bleeding arms and hands it soothed
My pride was healed and better yet
A lesson I had learned
That self respect is sweeter far
Than praise of men not earned.

As I drew closer toward the light 
Or it drew nigh to me.
A veil was taken from my eyes
And Ah! At last I see-
One lone man strong and true
Knelt upon the rim.
My pride was shattered through and through
My heart went out to Him
For from His hands His red blood flowed.
His arms were scratched and scored
Yet true to all those down below
He held the rope so sore.

For the ropes where by He held
Were strewn with rusty barbs
And looking closer I beheld
His pain was worse by far
Than any pain that I had felt
While hanging on the rope.
And looking downward I beheld 
Those soul who's only hope
Was this one Man, and yet they sat
Upon the cold, grey stone 
Because of pride, they could not grasp
The rope that led to home.

And so I've come to love the line
It's helped me understand
The pain and suffering that is borne
by that one faithful man.
Though you may doubt, yet it is true
That if you would be able
To know the man who holds the line
You must also love the cable.

Friday, May 3, 2013

A few beauty secrets!!!!

K so I thought I would share some of my favorite little beauty secrets that I love and feel like they work.

1.) Vaseline- if you don't have any I think this one is my favorite and should be used like all the time. A few ways you can use it are A.) exfoliate your lips with sugar and than put vaseline on your lips and by morning they will be super soft B.) Use a little as lip gloss C.) Put it on your lashes before you go to sleep and in a few weeks your lashes look thicker and longer D.) If you are going to color your hair put vaseline on the skin on your forehead, neck and ears and the dye won't stain your skin
2.) Honey face mask- This one is super simple for me it helps clear my skin when I have acne, moistens it, and gives me more of a glow. The first step is you heat two tablespoons of honey and heat it in the microwave till its warm. Take it out and add 1/4tsp nutmeg and 1/4tsp cinnamon(sometimes I just use pumpkin pie spice instead) stir it up and put it on your face. Keep a towel handy in case it drips and leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash it off and be amazed at how good your skin feels :)

3.) DIY teeth whitener- brush your teeth, than go make the mixture. Its just a little bit of baking soda, a little vinigear and lime or lemon juice. This mixture will bubble up just so you know after you mix it go brush your teeth with it. Warning for this one though if you have sensitive teeth this may not be for you also I only do this one everyonce in a while because I don't want to ruin my enamel.

Anywho these are my favorites!!! What are some of yours?


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spicy Vegetarian Enchiladas

Hey, Everyone! I'm new to this blog and I'd just like to say "Howdy"! I hope that you've all had a fabulous day.

Anyway, besides performing on stage, I absolutely adore cooking. I'm a vegetarian and I also have severe food intolerances to wheat, dairy, and soy, so cooking from scratch has become an absolute necessity now instead of just something I enjoy doing.

So, besides usually posting inspirational messages and posting about anything related to musical theatre, a lot of my posts will be about food...I hope that's okay with all of you, 'cause if it isn't...well, I'm doing it anyway! ;)

Corn tortillas
One can of kidney beans
Once can of corn
One can of diced tomatoes and green chilies
Enchilada Seasoning Packet, canned tomato sauce
Daiya Vegan Pepper Jack Cheese (About two cups)
Chili Powder (1tsp), Cumin (1 tsp), garlic salt (1/2 tsp)

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. 

Rinse and drain your kidney beans, drain your corn and mix all together with your diced tomatoes and green chilies. Mix in the spices. Warm about five or six corn tortillas at a time in the microwave for about a minute (This step is ESSENTIAL. If you try and roll your tortillas cold they will break and you will end up with a big mess!). Immediately put two or three tablespoons of filling in each of your tortillas and roll. Place in a 9x13 baking dish. (This recipe makes quite a lot so you might want to keep another dish on hand, just in case.) Repeat process until all the filling is gone. Mix the Enchilada sauce packet according to directions and pour on your enchiladas and top with Daiya Vegan Pepper Jack cheese. Bake at 350 degrees for 45-60 minutes or until bubbly and slightly crispy around the edges. 

Note: This recipe is actually very versatile, so go ahead and be brave and start trying your own mix of spices and different kinds of beans! 

How to Change Your Name

Shannon Hyer wrote this in one of the documents and I feel like its one of the most commonly asked questions for newly married girls. So here it is :)

Step 1. Go to the social security office.
Documents needed: SS card, Birth Certificate, Marriage License

Location: Google SS offices, and you should be able to find one nearest to you.
Step 2. Go to the drivers license division.
Documents needed: SS card (they'll take they paper the SSA will give you saying that you've changed your name), Birth certificate, Marriage License.

Location: If you're over 16 (which I sincerely hope you are) you've been to one before so you should know where it is. If not, google know where it is :)

Step 3: Go to the county clerk if you need to change your name on your passport.
I had to do this step through the mail and it was the biggest pain of my life. County Clerks make it super easy.
Documents needed: SS card (and the paper thingy again if your new one has yet to come in the mail), Birth certificate, marriage license, check book/cash/credit card for payment, and passport picture.

Step 4: Change your name on your insurance.

I actually don't know how to do this one, since I have yet to do it. Soooo you're on your own with this one until I get around to doing it. If anyone else has done this one please post how its done!

Caring for silver jewelry

Hi, I'm Steph, and my grandma used to make jewelry, and I learned a few tricks for jewelry maintenance from her, and I am going to share the most ingenious tip She passed down.

Polishing silver with... Toothpaste!   Yes, I'm serious, that stuff that keeps your pearly whites white, will keep your sterling silver shining!  So, let's say you have a blonde moment and go swimming at the pool with your silver ring on (I may or may not have done this).  By the time you get done, it looks about like this:

So then, all you have to do is pull out a soft bristle tooth brush,and some regular paste toothpaste (don't use the gel toothpaste, it doesn't work as well), and scrub off all the icky black.  With a little elbow grease, your jewelry will look good as new!

How to make chocolate bowls :)

I love baking and cooking!!!! I will probably write about it often just so you are all aware now :)

You may have seen these cute little chocolate bowls on a cruise, vacation, or pinterest. These cuties are super awesome, pretty impressive, delicious, fun, and easy to make 

What You Will Need

  • A good quality semi-sweet chocolate
  • smallish balloons
  •  some pam or cooking spray
  • wax paper to put them on
the first step is to melt your chocolate in either the microwave or a bain marie (double broiler). Make sure not to burn it. When the chocolate is melted let it cool so it is just warm. If it is too hot it will pop the balloon. Blow up some balloons lightly spray with cooking spray and dip the bottom of the balloon in chocolate, as high as you would like your cup to be.

Set the balloons on wax paper and let the chocolate harden for a while. When they have hardened take a pin and prick the top of the balloons to slowly let the air out. The air will go out and the balloons will release and you will have cute little chocolate bowls to put mousse, ice cream, or whatever else you might want in them.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Why I Decided to Make this Blog

  1. I like blogs but I haven't ever been super great at keeping up with one
  2. So me and the other lovely ladies can share our beliefs, thoughts, and opinions
  3. These girls are awesome and I love hearing about their lives
  4. Hopefully we will be able to give advice to girls who have been in our situations
  5. To share crafts, recipes, how to's, and whatever talents we have