Thursday, June 13, 2013

Minnie Mouse Banner

There are so many cute ideas from Pinterest on any theme of a party you can imagine. I started a Minnie Mouse folder and my mind was racing with ideas. Of course I am a poor young family just starting out and going through school so we don't have all the money floating around. Instead of buying fancy decorations I bought a pile of black and red construction paper and went to work.

First I found circular items that would work for my Minnie Mouse shaped ears and head. I happened to use our kitchen bowls and a lid to a jar.

After you traced your items and made enough for your banner, one for each letter. You pull out your handy scissors and get to cutting (I watched Vampire Diaries to entertain me as I cut).

I then found a bow off of the internet I liked and copy and pasted it into a word document and made it the size I wanted for my Minnie heads. I then printed and traced all my bows (if I did it the smart way I would of printed all the bows onto red paper and just went on cutting them out, but I wanted to save ink not time).

I have alphabet utensils that I traced onto white paper and cut out those as well to say "Happy Birthday Andie" and "One".

After I had all my pieces cut out, I then went glue crazy and glued the pieces all together to make my amazing banner that I love! (I can only show you a preview right now, the whole banner will be in her birthday post).

- Laurel Wadsworth -

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