Thursday, June 13, 2013

Minnie Mouse Napkins

With all the planning of my daughters party and our family Disneyland vacation I have been so busy. Last minute I decided the party utensils were to plain, so I threw another thing on my to do list.

First I searched for a Minnie Mouse that I could cut out and glue to white strips of paper to wrap around the utensils and napkins.

Once the image was found, I copied and pasted the picture 36 times. Then I had the joy of cutting those little Minnie Mouse heads out and glueing them to the white strips I cut out earlier (cut out white strips of paper as thick as you would like and just short enough to overlap a little when wrapped around the utensils).

Placing the utensils 1/3 of the napkin in I rolled them up and placed the white strip around the middle of the rolled napkin.

Glue the end of one of the strips of white paper to hold the utensil roll together and the decor held on.

Such a cute a simple decoration to add to the plain plastic birthday utensils :)

- Laurel Wadsworth -

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