Monday, May 27, 2013

Circle Skirt

I love crafts. I love creating new things and being proud of what you have accomplished. I have decided to work on my sewing with my daughters birthday coming up. We are doing a Minnie Mouse theme so I got on Pinterest and was exploring the many decoration ideas/outfits. I decided with our trip to Disneyland and her love of Minnie, I wanted to make an outfit for my daughter to wear for both occasions. 

I started with the circle skirt pattern found on : The Dana Made It Site

I followed this diagram and took waist and height measurements. 

Once measurements were figured out and the math complete (it took me a bit, I am not good at math). The next step was to draw on white paper. I skipped this step and drew with pencil straight onto the fabric. It worked good for me and saved me an extra step at this point.

I don't have a fancy sewing machine and I didn't want my elastic to show like in this tutorial. I went free style from this point on. I used a lot of pins and folded down about 1 inch around the top of the skirt with the material inside out. Once the material was pinned down I sewed but kept an opening to add elastic in to the folded part of the material around the skirt. (I am not good at describing what I did. I should of taken more pictures).

Once I got to the point I could thread the elastic through. I measured my daughters waist once again to make sure on the size I would want the skirt. I didn't have any safety pins so I used a paper clip to help thread the elastic through the skirt. (Make sure you put paper clips/safety pin on the other end of the elastic so it does not fall through into the skirt).

Once both sides of the elastic were hanging out of the skirt I sewed the elastic together. Then sliding the material over the elastic so it was not showing at all I sewed the remaining inch of material I left space to add the elastic in. The top of the skirt is now complete (Before you sew the elastic together if you would like try on the skirt to see if the fit is comfortable tightness).

I measured the length I would want the skirt to be on my daughter. I aimed for knee length (I will be adding her Halloween tutu underneath the skirt to add more volume). I then used more needles once again and folded up the bottom about half an inch all along the bottom of the skirt and sewed to make a nice finished bottom. 

The skirt is now complete. I hope you understood some of what I did with my not so useful explaining and no good pictures. I am excited for my daughter to wear her new skirt for her birthday and then once again in Disneyland this next week :)

- Laurel Wadsworth -

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