Sunday, August 24, 2014

Introducing Myself

Hey! I'm Chrissie and you can usually find me over at Making Memories.
I waited for my husband from 29th August 2008-18th August 2010. He served in the England, Leeds Mission. As we recently celebrated 4 years since my husband, Matt got home I posted this: Waiting for a Missionary. Matt and I were engaged 5 days after he returned from his Mission and then married and sealed in the Preston, England Temple on December 11th 2010. Two weeks after we shared our one year anniversary we found out we were expecting our little man who recently turned two and we are two months away from adding our little girl to the family too. 
I could not be happier with my decisions in life and how it has contributed to all the Blessings I have today.
Anyway, I hope to post in the future but as I post a lot on my own blog bare with me because I may forget! 
Thanks for having me :)

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